We are just beginning!

Hello and welcome to everybody!
I am so excited, since today, we are launching our websites for the brand new game series called Oracle Trials.
Mysterious, action packed Ancient world open its gates for you...
Oracle Trials is cute, cartoony 2D platformer, that focuses on pure joy that comes from immediate gameplay experience. Without unnecessary crap, allowing the player to dive whenever and wherever they like, right into the game! 
For those interested, there is a strong story though. It revolves around the ancient Oracle, that lost its power of clairvoyance. The player, in the skin of the Ancient Greek hero-king (not unlike Leonidas:-D) is supposed to save it and restore its power again.
If you like Ancient world and mysteries along with action, this is a tailor-made for you:-) If not, try it anyway and you might be pleasantly surprised.
The game will be first available on steam for Windows and iMac PCs, from 12th February 2021.
One last thing - this is a beginning of the whole new series and the mission pack + sequel are envisaged to come in the Spring 2021. Check the "News" section for the fresh feed. 
I would be more than happy for any suggestions from you, because it is you, the players, who matters!
Any feedback on your gameplay experience, tips and whatever you find important to communicate to us is highly appreciated! You can leave it via "Contact Us" section or email directly to tomas.kral@termeno.cz 

Thank you so much for reading this. Let's dive into Ancient Mysteries action together right away!

game main dev